Curiosity - Arastradero Preserve Coyote


coyote standing broadside on a trail with flowers beneath it and looking toward the camera

Running through Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto, California I came across several Coyotes. First high up on a hill a coyote watched the open fields, then further down the trail a coyote and I watched each other for a few minutes - all the while the first slowly approached behind me in - at least I hope - curiousity. Finally decided to get a tad closer to the second, and I breached its radius of safety at about 200 ft. Then, as I approached the spot where the second stood a minute before, this third coyote rose along the trail without seeing me until the sun breached the clouds and my shutter went off - about 20 feet away. A little strange and exciting - surrounded on 3 sides by coyotes.