Northern Harrier - Arastradero Preserve


Northern Harrier on a tree stump drying out in the morning sun

Northern Harrier basking in the warm morning sun, Arastradero Preserve, Palo Alto, California.I found this Hawk on a dead tree stump directly alongside the trail. A light fog low to the ground and the complete silence made things seem very mysterious. I observed this hawk for about five minutes when suddenly a Coyote came jogging down the trail. Seemingly after my backpack that I abandoned alongside the trail, I let it know I was there (by voicing my opinion about if going after my backpack) and it hopped into a meadow on the far side of the trail. Then two hikers with two unleashed dogs came down the hill, prompting the coyote to let out several bone shattering howls, breaking the peace and scaring me, the hikers, and the hawk.

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