Grazing - Bighorn Plateau


Two deer grazing in a meadow on the Bighorn Plateau with the kaweah peaks in the distance

Two deer grazing in a meadow on the flat open space of the Bighorn Plateau, Sequoia National Park. Bighorn Plateau, located along the John Muir Trail between Wallace Creek and the Shephards Pass Trail, provides stunning views of the Great Western Divide down to the Kaweah Range. While hiking towards Shepherd's Pass on my last day of a week long trip in Sequoia, I came across deer in the meadow of the Bighorn Plateau.

This photo was taken with Fuji Velvia film, giving a somewhat dreamy hue and saturation. After many hours of attempting color correct the magenta hue and saturation, I finally decided to leave the colors as the film depicts - at the time the experience felt as dreamy as do the colors the photo leads one to believe.

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