Pioneer Basin - John Muir Wilderness


Pioneer Basin

Clearing storm at sunset in Pioneer Basin, John Muir Wilderness. Located west of Little Lakes Valley, Pioneer Basin is just far enough from the trailhead to be remote, and just close enough for determined backpackers to hike to in a day. The beautiful basin contains numerous trout filled lakes and tarns, beautiful flower filled meadows, and beautiful views in every direction.

After a long hike earlier in the day from Little Lakes Valley we reached the basin in later afternoon. While the clouds threatened rain the worst of it was a few drops. The bigger threat were the ample number of mosquitoes that greeted us in this lush basin. This photo was taken at sunset just as the afternoon clouds cleared - view looking south from Pioneer Basin towards the Fourth Recess.

Photo Equipment: Canon 40D, 17-40mm lens, Singh-Ray neutral gradient filter, tripod.

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