Isosceles Peak - Dusy Basin


Isosceles Peak from Dusy Basin

Isosceles Peak from upper Dusy Basin, Kings Canyon National Park. Named after its geometric shape, Isosceles Peak towers over the eastern lakes of Dusy Basin and is a signature element of this beautiful High Sierra basin. This photo was taken from the north-eastern shore of lake 11388, one of the higher and larger lakes within Dusy Basin. While easy to get to via some relatively easy cross country travel, this lake is far enough from the highly traveled Bishop Pass trail as to be relatively free of other backpackers and hikers.

This photo was taken after several hours of powerful rain and lightning, some strikes of which hit nearby Bishop Pass for nearly an hour. The intense rain nearly flooded my camp, but as is typical of a monsoonal thunderstorm in the High Sierra, began to clear by late afternoon.

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