The Cathedral - Yosemite


Cathedral Lake

Sunset over Lower Cathedral Lake, Yosemite National Park.

I had eyed a place to photograph the sunset down by the lake earlier in the day, and with the sky clouded over and lack of creativity it turned into a guessing game. A few moments later I found myself sprinting through the rain towards the far side of the lake - the faster I ran the brighter the sky became. Running across the troublesome lake inlet somehow keeping my feet dry and suddenly it became one of those sunsets that breathes life into the phrase coined by John Muir: "range of light".

As quick as it came it was gone. Left standing there in the rain with my mouth gaping open, something woke me from my trance and there I was stumbling back to camp in the dark, slipping and sliding across the snow, and crossing the inlet in such a trance I didn't care whether my feet and boots got completely wet.

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