Long Mountain Ridge - Yosemite

Yosemite from Long Mountain Ridge

Resting along the ridge between Long Mountain and Isberg Peak, on the border between Yosemite National Park and Sierra National Forest.

It had been a long day: 4:30am wake up followed by a six hour drive, followed by over ten miles of hiking at altitude, the latter few miles off-trail. This view into Yosemite was a great reward for the difficult day, but I still had more off trail hiking to go to reach my camp for the night at Harriet Lake.

The ridge itself is a relatively easy cross-country route from Sadler Lake (or Isberg Lakes) to Harriet Lake. Although less mileage may be had by heading over the saddle just to the west of Long Mountain, I felt in the mood to explore the ridge and it's shelf on the northern side.