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Red Mountain Basin is a small basin located on the west side of the LeConte Divide in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Basin consists of several alpine lakes, the most notable being the mis-named Disappointment Lake. Located in the John Muir Wilderness, Red Mountain Basin is most easily reached from Courtright Reservoir to the west. This route begins at Maxson Meadows and follows Long Meadow to Post Coral Meadow, where the trail turns east toward Red Mountain Basin and Hell For Sure Pass. Below is an interactive map positioned over Red Mountain Basin, where map markers indicate photograph locations.


A Marmot begging for food

High Sierra


Twilight in the High Sierra, reflected in Disappointment Lake

High Sierra


Alpenglow near the outlet of Disappointment Lake

Disappointment Lake

Hell For Sure

Alpenglow on Hell For Sure Pass reflected in Disappointment Lake.

Red Mountain Basin


Glow at Disappointment Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Disappointment Lake


Camper around a fire at in the Sierra National Forest

Sierra National Forest - Post Corral Meadow


Glowing sunset at Disappoinement Lake in the High Sierra

Disappointment Lake - Red Mountain Basin


Twilight at Disappointment Lake in Red Moutain Basin

Red Mountain Basin - Disappointment Lake

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