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The Desolation Wilderness is located east of South Lake Tahoe in the El Dorado National Forest. This area is a popular backpacking destination in all seasons. Several Lakes dot the basin, with Lake Aloha being one of the largest. While in the summer this area is a popular backpacking destination, in winter and spring the blanket of snow attracts both backcountry skiers and snowshoers. Despite its proximity to the large town of South Lake Tahoe, the wilderness feels extremely remote, however on one winter evening camped at Lake Aloha, large trucks could be heard far below climbing their way up to Lake Tahoe along Highway 50.

The Desolation Wilderness is managed by the El Dorado National Forest.

  • Inlet

    Frozen Echo Lake near Lake Tahoe in El Dorado National Forest

    Frozen Echo Lake - El Dorado National Forest

  • Climbing

    Climbing above Tamarack Lake in Desolation Wilderness

    Winter above Tamarack Lake

  • Desolation

    Desolation Wilderness below Kieths Dome, High Sierra

    Wilderness below Kieth's Dome

  • Water

    Skier melting snow for water at Lake Aloha in the High Sierra, Desolation Wilderness, El Dorado National Forest

    Camper at Lake Aloha

  • Camp

    Winter snowcamping at Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    Lake Aloha

  • Crags

    Sunset at Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness

    Lake Aloha - Desolation Wilderness

  • Jack's

    Sunset off Jacks Peak, Desolation Wilderness

    Sunset at Lake Aloha

  • Stars

    Star trails above Lake Aloha in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, El Dorado National Forest

    Lake Aloha

  • Bedtime

    Star trails and winter camping at Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness

    Star Trails at Lake Aloha